GOFU® The products born from the fruit of your needs.

Cit. Giulia Sinesi

Many entrepreneurs create their own brand, and this is based on personal taste and needs: because they want to express themselves artistically; because they have specific needs that the market cannot satisfy; to ride or launch new trends; etc. Instead, we created GOFU®, Skincare Delicata, specifically to meet people's needs.

Our founder, Giulia Sinesi, has decades of experience in beauty. Her career has given her the opportunity to get to know the world of beauty at 360°. She started as a sales assistant at a skincare and beauty company, being in direct contact with the customers; then she moved on to personnel training, greatly increasing her cultural knowledge; subsequently, she dedicated herself to product development and research, learning what lies behind the scenes of a company; then her work in social media gave her the opportunity to test a wide range of market available products.

The combination of constant contact with people and her skills inspired in her the need to create a brand that is at the complete service of the public. Giulia wanted to face this challenge by creating the products the public has always asked for. This differentiates GOFU® from any competitor.Text

Gentle Skincare

GOFU® has specialized in the creation of products with highly delicate formulas, in line with the philosophy of its founder, the best way to restore health and beauty to the epidermis is to respect it and not attack it. "Restoring health and well-being" would lead the skin to naturally be healthy and beautiful.

On a daily basis we are subjected to countless stressful conditions (pollution, wind, cold, consumption of alcohol, medications, etc.)

These have an effect on the epidermis and if aggressive cosmetic products are added, the result is further damage to one’s skin. We have studied and perfected formulas that deeply cleanse and hydrate skin in a respectful and delicate way, allowing our epidermis to return from a stressful state to its natural splendor.

Our approach has already brought infinite benefits to many of our customers; here are some examples of which we are proud:

Red Routine

What does GOFU® mean?

GOFU® is, as we define it, an "artistic" acronym. GOFU® is something good for the people who use it; in fact, GOFU® is the abbreviation of “good for you.”
Throughout the years, Giulia Sinesi has received endless praise from friends, relatives, clients, and those who are part of the skincare community that have through her, learned to take care of their skin correctly and have been able to find happiness and self-confidence. On Instagram alone, some of the most frequent messages she receives are "following your advice, I was finally able to abandon the foundation; now I only use it for special occasions"; or "I'm 45 and only now, following you, has my skin truly become perfect?”; and ”despite the limited time available, because I'm a mother, Thanks to you I’ve learned to carve out a few minutes from my schedule for myself and my skin feels revived.”

All of these mothered GOFU®

At GOFU®, we want every person to take our products in hand, we want people to try them and see for themselves how positive, right, and good these are for them.
We have told you about the GOFU® SKINCARE DELICATA universe, to make this experience concrete
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