• Delicate Formula Dermatologically Tested On Sensitive Skin

  • We chose the name GOFU to indicate something good for the people who would use it, GOFU stands for "GOod For yoU".

    DELICATE SKINCARE because our philosophy is to respect the skin by avoiding stressing or attacking it, on the contrary we believe that treating it with delicacy and kindness will make it healthier and more beautiful.

    Delicacy is therefore our specialty: we are experts in delicate formulas and we study our products around this quality.

Red Routine


Oily gel with an extreme make-up removing and cleansing capacity.

What does he do?
Dissolves makeup and sunscreen; cleans black and white dots; rebalances the production of sebum; brightens and evens out redness.

Why is it special?
It is the only product that will make you wake up in the morning without traces of make-up (mascara, pencil, eye-liner, etc.) that you thought you had removed perfectly the night before.

You will love it because it will perfectly cleanse the your face and your eyes without burning or fogging.



Clear cleansing gel enriched with suspended cranberry spheres.

What does it do?

Cleanses, astringes and purifies without drying the skin.

Why is it special?

The washing power is kept specifically low so that it cleans the skin without attacking it: you can say goodbye to annoying sebaceous rebound*.

We 100% guarantee that your skin will be super clean without pulling!

  • Made in Italy

    Quality and ingenuity for a finished product that is unrivaled all over the world

  • Delicate formulas

    Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

  • Dermoaffinities

    Formulas studied and tested to be totally compatible with the skin

Delicate skincare

GOFU® has specialized in the creation of products with highly delicate formulations, in line with the philosophy of its founder according to which, the best way to restore health and beauty to the epidermis is to respect it by not attacking it. "Restoring health and well-being" because the skin would naturally be healthy and beautiful, but we are subjected to countless exogenous and endogenous stressful conditions (pollution, wind, cold, radiators, air conditioning, consumption of alcohol, taking medicines, etc.) that attack the epidermis and if aggressive cosmetic products are added to these, the result is certain: further ruining one's face.

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