"GOFU® are the products born from the fruit of your needs"
cit. Giulia Sinesi

"GOFU® are the products born from the fruit of your needs"
cit. Giulia Sinesi

Many entrepreneurs create their brand based on personal tastes and needs.The necessity to create cspecific needs that they cannot meet in other products, to ride or launch new trends or simply a need to express themselves artistically.
That is why we created GOFU®. To specifically meet people's needs.

Our founder, Giulia Sinesi, has decades of experience in beauty sector. She started as a sales assistant which gave her the opportunity to be in direct contact with the needs of the customers. Thereafter, she moved on to do staff training. Subsequently,she became a researcher and developer of products for a famous Italian brand, which led her to understand and discover what lies behind the scenes of a cosmetic company. Finally, her dedication on social networks gave her the opportunity to test every cosmetic on the market and listen to people's opinion. Her journey has given her the opportunity to get to know the cosmetic/skincare world at 360 °.
The constant contact with people combined with her expertise led her to create a brand for the complete service of the public.

Giulia wanted to face this new challenge by creating the products you have always asked for and differentiating GOFU® from every other competitor’s product thanks to adherence to fundamental values: empathy, expertise and quality

Brand values :

the ability to share someone else's feelings by imagining what it would be like to be in that person's situation. That is why our products has been created as a result of the public’s needs.

Our team is surrounded and coordinated by top-level professionals. Every single aspect of the brand is studied and evaluated at 360 degrees. We do our best to enhance and gratify every employee and collaborator. We strongly believe that preparation, passion, dedication, availability and kindness are the keys to success! We take this opportunity to thank the many experts: formulators, programmers, graphic designers, die cutters, photographers, videomakers ... and all the people who accompany us every day in the "behind the scenes", making this project possible.

Our products are natural, vegan and made in Italy. We have chosen the best ingredients that our splendid country has to offer. In terms of quality (raw materials) and ingenuity (collaborators) our finished product does not fear rivals all over the world.

What does GOFU® mean?

GOFU® is - as we define it - an "artistic" acronym. We want to convey through this word the concept that GOFU® is something good for the people who use it. In fact, GOFU® is the contracture of Good For You.

One of the most inspiring reasons for creating GOFU was the endless feedback that Giulia Sinesi received from people during all these years of work. Thanks to friends, relatives, customers and all those who are part of the community, listening to their advice and starting to take care of their skin correctly, have rediscovered happiness and self-confidence.

On Instagram the messages she receives most frequently are: "following your advice I was finally able to abandon the foundation, now I use it only for special occasions"; another message "I am 45 years old and only now by following you my skin is truly perfect"; or even "despite my limited time available as I am a mother, since I have been following you I have started to carve out a few minutes per day for myself and this has made me feel reborn".

All this has generated GOFU®!

We want every person that buys our product to immediately realize that this is the right thing to do for themselves and also for the environment.

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